May 20th-Monroe, WA
June 3-Cottage Gr,OR
June 17-Alger, WA
July 15-Republic, WA
Aug 19th-Elma, WA





Welcome to TEAM USA-1 Big Rig Racing. TEAM USA-1 is one of many teams in Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing. Rolling Thunder is the only U.S. based Big Rig Racing Series. Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing races all over the Northwest and has growth potential coast-to-coast. Rolling Thunder is a crowd pleaser producing record breaking numbers in attendance at the tracks and drawing crowds anywhere these Big Rigs are seen. Bottom line, Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing is in demand.
Our name, TEAM USA-1 is well represented by our colors, Red, White and Blue! TEAM USA-1 is all about America, in heart, attitude and desire to be number one. The members and support staff of both TEAM USA-1 and Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing are as American as they come. We are a cross section of working class Americans that brings to the teams their hearts, dreams, and skills. TEAM USA-1 and Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing is a group of professionals, ranging from truck drivers and diesel mechanics, heavy equipment operators, welder/fabricators, auto body and tire technicians, business owners, and even administrators, all bring their skills and talents to the teams.
Whether spending the day at the races giving a 110% or just spending time with TEAM USA-1 families and friends, TEAM USA-1 is more than just a bunch of trucks! We are the Red, White and Blue and the Red, White and Blue is us.


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